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<tr> <td><tt>!</tt></td> <td><ul><li>Logically negates the exit status of a pipeline. For example, if <tt>grep YES votes.txt</tt> returns <tt>0</tt>, then <tt>! grep YES votes.txt</tt> returns <tt>1</tt>, but is otherwise equivalent.</li> <li>Also supported by the <tt>[ ... ]</tt> builtin, and inside conditional expressions. For example, if <tt>[&#x5B; -e file.txt &#x5D;]</tt> is true, then <tt>[&#x5B; ! -e file.txt &#x5D;]</tt> is false.</li> <li>Also supported in arithmetic expressions. For example, if <tt>$i</tt> is nonzero, then <tt>$(( ! i ))</tt> is <tt>0</tt>.</li> <li>See also <tt>#!</tt> below.</li></ul></td> </tr>