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郊外生活 (reads Kōgai Seikatsu, means suburban life) is a Japanese Wikimedian who mainly contributes on Japanese Wikipedia. I joined Wikimedia projects on April 2017. I have been lived in suburb of Tokyo since I was born.

My major of real life is human geography, especially urban geography. My edits on Japanese Wikipedia are usually related to geography or geology. For example, these articles about geography or geology are created or improved by me and has been introduced at the Main Page.

I also involved in maintenance work such as dealing with long-term abuse users, but I am not sysop nor rollbacker. On meta, I think many of my edits are reverting edits by cross-wiki vandalism or reporting to Steward requests/Global. In addition, I sometimes upload some images on Commons (c:Special:ListFiles/郊外生活) and edit interlanguage links on Wikidata.

You can talk to me in either Japanese or English. (I'm afraid I do not understand any other languages.)

Inquiries of my contributions to Wikimedia projects can be posted on the article talk page or user talk page of each project. Inter-wiki notification is available, so even it is not Japanese Wikipedia, I can check your message if you mention me or post to my user talk page more easily.

Kogaiseikatsu (トーク · 投稿記録 · CA) is my doppelgänger account (Roman transcription of my main account), so if it is not possible to type kanji: Chinese Characters, you can call me Kogaiseikatsu by using alphabet. But please be careful the mention notification is not available when you use alphabet instead of kanji.


詳細情報は ja:User:郊外生活 を参照してください。


現実世界での専門分野は人文地理学(特に都市地理学)です。ウィキペディア日本語版における記事の編集は、主に地理学・地質学に関するものです。LTA対処などの管理系作業も行っていますが、管理者や巻き戻し者ではありません。メタでの私の編集は、主にクロスウィキ荒らしの差し戻しやSteward requests/Globalへの報告だと思います。この他、コモンズでの画像投稿、ウィキデータでの言語間リンク編集を少しやっています。


Kogaiseikatsu (トーク · 投稿記録 · CA)は私のドッペルゲンガーアカウント(主アカウントのローマ字綴り)です。