In order to install [[mw:Extension:Quiz]] on the Japanese Wikibooks, I need to build a consensus here. This extension is already installed on many language editions of Wikibooks including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many others. You can check [[:en:Special:Version]] (Ctrl+F: quiz) or see phabricator tickets such as [[phab:T157513]]. There are some nice examples at [[:en:Help:Quizzes]]. [[User:Roozitaa]] wants to make her Persian tutorials on the Japanese Wikibooks (such as [[ペルシア語]]) more illustrative using this extension. You can see [[:en:Dutch/Lesson_1#Quiz]] as an example. [[利用者:4nn1l2|4nn1l2]] ([[利用者・トーク:4nn1l2|トーク]]) 2021年7月28日 (水) 02:01 (UTC)
* {{コメント2|賛成}}、提案者として [[利用者:4nn1l2|4nn1l2]] ([[利用者・トーク:4nn1l2|トーク]]) 2021年7月28日 (水) 02:01 (UTC)
* --[[利用者:Roozitaa|Roozitaa]] ([[利用者・トーク:Roozitaa|トーク]]) 2021年7月29日 (木) 23:06 (UTC)