Reiwa Boy(Japanese:令和少年) is a Wikibookian registered as a user on April 3, 2019. Mainly, I edit Wikijunior and involved in debating on deletion. Currently, I'm crazy about editing Enpedia. I have contributed a lot to the Enpedia website, probably because of the experience here with Wikipedia. With WikiLexicon, maintain mediator privileges. Don't get carried away, Reiwa Boy!

Introduction 編集

Hello! Good evening! I am Reiwa Boy. Wikimedia I want to edit. I want to edit (but politely)!
After all, the number of edits is still small, so I will not stop editing (after all). My notes and opinions are summarized below. Please take a look. The main project is Wiktionary (jawt), but the main user page is here. In addition, it is a sub-page division writing group personally. You can see a list of various subpages from 利用者:令和少年/English version#Table of contents for subpage / for request

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<Note>-The User:スピラン大魔王account has been transferred here.

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greeting 編集

Resent greeting 編集

It's already the end of April. Cherry blossom season is over... It's over...... Coronavirus is all the rage in the world, and while school is closed, I am at home studying and playing. By the way, I had said casually four months ago, "I've been indebted to Mr. Shiiraku and many others for the past year," but, s/he retired...... The reason is said to be the negligence of the administrator and the disgust at Mr. Sujiniku Stew. I'm sorry for their loss.

Hello !! I am Reiwa Boy.

By the way, what was announced at 11:40 on April 1, 2019?
That's right. New era.

The moment the new era was announced, I was moved.
The new era is Reiwa (Beautiful Harmony)

There is also the idiom of the word "decree". However, the origin of Reiwa seems to come from "Reigetsu"(令月). The kanji "令" has many good meanings and I think it is a good kanji.
The meaning of the era issued by the government is very wonderful. (Interpreted as)

So, for a "boy" who lives over "Reiwa",
From 17:23 on April 3, 2019 (Japan time zone), the name was changed from "Spiran Great Satan" to "Reiwa Boy.

(Once on Wikimedia, "Spiran the Great Demon King" is treated as a sub-account.)

By the way,I'll introduce myselves as usual.

I've been editing on Wikipedia and Wiktionary! When I started doing it, I was too quick to be a fuss.

I've recently learned how to edit, I would like to edit mainly on wikijunior. I like textbooks and get excited when I can write on the wiki with my own hands! I'm so enthusiastic I have been attending a private junior high school since this year !! Thank you. Also, this will be your “Account”. The secondary account is listed below. Although it's a secondary account, it has been abolished.

He is also active in Yahoo! Chiebukuro, mainly responding to "human relationships" and "living and living". The wisdom level is “9”. (As of June 10, 1980)

In addition, we have started the “quick push quiz for smartphone apps! Currently, the rank is "A-" and the user name is "spe Takatsudokyo". (As of June 10, 1980) (Please search the web for rank types etc.)

Scandinavian Peninsula! ! ! ! ! (Recently popular in myself)

Editorial Creed 編集

  1. At the time of writing, indicate the source.
  2. Treat newcomers carefully and kindly.
  3. Send the sentence properly according to the situation.
  4. Caring heart for remarks.
  5. Edit with motivation at any time.

Notice 編集

Introduction 編集

Here are my announcements about wikibooks activities. Please note that only three items are listed here, and others may be moved to the past log. For the past log of the announcement, please see subpage / request page table of contents (listed slightly below here).

  As for Activity Frequency:At this time, I’m busy studying, so my activity may decrease. Please be careful. - (トーク履歴グローバル利用者情報全履歴) January 3, 2020 (Fri) 12:43 (UTC)
  Articles and Truth section (Japanese version):From October 20, 2019 (JTC) ,利用者:令和少年/サブ・生活 on this page was changed to 利用者:令和少年/サブ・見解.

--- (トーク履歴グローバル利用者情報全履歴)October 19, 2019 (Sat) 0:58 (UTC)

Comment 編集

How does Mr. Sujniku Stew write such a long user page up? If I write a long sentence like this, will it go 200KB? Now, I'll write about my wiki situation.

When I first started Wikipedia, I was a vicious, self-governing person, so I was inflexible, and I was cautioned against using the talk page for other purposes. Since then, I've gotten a lot of attention for things related to sources. The last thing I was to put Masaki Suda’s real name on the site and block him indefinitely. Masaki Suda’s real Name is written in other sites, but that isn’t enough reason to justify me. Eh? Why? It's easy to see why. According to w:WP:存命人物の伝記, We mustn’t write any unnecessary information, and also oyher's real name, which has not been released. that is an invasion of privacy and an immediate deletion. After I was blocked, though I wrote "I read the guidelines" in the reason for the block, I make a sockpuppet. I was a very silly person back then. Moreover, I misunderstood that the block release request was rejected immediately (for the administrator, the guide in the case of the block release rejection is recorded in the lower part of the template, and I misunderstood it to see it), and I submitted block release requests unrest. That's why I moved to Wikibooks. After all, I didn't get used to the community at first, but now I'm getting used to it well... I thought so..... I'm also editing Enpedia, WikiLexicon, and WikiDemocracy because I'm bored with Wikibooks.

I'm trying writing this for a long time, but there's no way I can beat him. Uh...

What do you aspire to be an administrator? 編集

At the moment, I have no intention of running for admin on a Wikimedia site. I will run for office after I become an adult, sign up for the mailing list, and get Wikipedia unblocked. I have to do well enough to be respected by other users at that point in time. We have a few more years to go, so it doesn't seem like we can't achieve it.

In response to Mr. Shiiraku’s retirement 編集

I've been getting a lot of help from Mr. Shiiraku over the last year. Sometimes I was warned tightly, sometimes I was encouraged by them. Thanks to Shiiraku, I feel my behavior has improved. There were still things I wanted Them to teach me, and I wondered if s/he would be active next year or the next year... But Abruptly, s/he announced that s/he was retiring. incredibly! It seemed to have been edited ambitiously from two years before I appeared, and I have a lot of respect for them. S/he has probably gone above and beyond what I could have imagined in their efforts to grow and improve Wikibooks. Also, as I mentioned above, there were times when I caused a lot of trouble for Mr. Shiiraku. But I couldn't give them anything in return. I hope that they will be reinstated, and I strongly hope that if and when she is reinstated, the problems that they has listed have been resolved. Thank you so much for everything s/he've done.

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  2. Request a comment to me→利用者:令和少年/コメント依頼
  3. Page creation request to me→利用者:令和少年/ページ作成依頼
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